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The following information provides details about Sainsbury's Bank and the services we provide. It should be read to help you decide if our services are right for you.

Initial Disclosure Statement

  • We only offer Sainsbury's Bank mortgages
  • Our mortgage range is only available for main (or first charge) mortgages
  • You will not receive advice from us through our website. If you require advice on which product is most suitable for you, please call 0345 111 8015 to speak to a qualified adviser
  • You will not be charged a fee for using this service, however you may be required to pay a product fee as part of your product switch. Details of these fees will be provided when you select the product that you wish a quote on


I confirm that:

  • If the account is a joint account, I have consent from all parties to complete the switch on their behalf
  • I/we are existing Sainsbury's Bank customers.
  • I/we are not requesting any other change to our mortgage other than the product switch
  • I acknowledge and accept the Initial Disclosure Statement above